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Sexy Panda Talk & Other Related Chuck Norris Topics

I was given an award the other day by a funny Canadlish blogger named HoaiPhai,, and what was interesting was that there were some actions required upon receipt of this award. The award in question was the Versatile Blogger … Continue reading

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I Wear My BlogGlasses At Night

Captain’s Blog, Star-date 1709.11. It has been 14 earth days since our last transmission to the general populous and expectations will be high for this latest communique. Of course myself and the Simian Monologues crew have been using our time … Continue reading

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To Kill A Mocking Blog

Here I am staring at my screen in horror at what can only be described as a … I can barely bring myself to say it … a grown up post. There mocking me, in it’s smug 12 point Georgian … Continue reading

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