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Pimp My Pride As Australia Day draws near some Australian academics have been putting forward views that perhaps the flying of flags on vehicles is less about national pride but more a sign of intolerance and close mindedness. Does my ass … Continue reading

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PETA Has No Beef With New Artificial Meat Substitute Thousands of farmers have welcomed the introduction of non-animal sourced meat via a patented process developed and introduced by German scientists. PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, had offered a one million dollar prize to whoever from … Continue reading

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World Timekeepers Call Time Out During Extra Time A group of international representatives from across the world gathered in Geneva to debate the controversial leap second adjustment, a system which allows our atomic clocks to remain synchronized with the spinning earth’s natural cycle. Hours were spent discussing … Continue reading

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The Emperor’s New Coffee … Stinks Like Chic Coffee aficionados in Australia are excited about the opportunity to finally drink coffee sourced from the droppings of the exotic feral civet. At $400 per kilogram the luxury of drinking this coffee does not come cheap, but all agree … Continue reading

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A Rolling Stone Gathers No Politically Sensitive Intel The British government has finally confirmed allegations from Russia that it had been spying on the large European nation via the use of fake Rocks. For many years members of Russia’s FSB security service had been making claims that … Continue reading

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LMFAO – Learning My F@# king Ass Off An Australian university has recently conducted a study showing that social networking technology, such as Twitter, could be beneficial for shy students who under normal circumstances find it difficult to ask questions in class. Southern Cross University lecturer Jeremy … Continue reading

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Does This 55-inch OLED 3D TV Make My Butt Look Big?

LG and Huawei have pushed electronics technology to it’s limits and have unveiled the world’s thinnest television and mobile phone respectively during CES 2012. These amazing advancements in electronic proportions will allow viewers to enjoy the ever expanding portfolio of … Continue reading

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Experts Baffled Why We Still Fear Massive Sea Predators–expert-20120104-1pl8b.html World shark experts remain stumped that despite the level of knowledge we now have on these prehistoric killers of the deep, the general public is still scared of these 20 foot long soulless monsters that reside in our vast … Continue reading

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McDonalds Adds A Healthy Spray Meal Option I am heartened to see that McDonalds is finally offering a decent offering for the health conscious with it’s new SelectaDNA meal. SelectaDNA director David Morrissey made the following comment about the meal. “SelectaDNA is non-toxic, non-allergenic and perfectly safe … Continue reading

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I Have Seen The Future And It Smells Of He-Goats

It is a new year and with a new year comes a new wave of opportunities and 2012 is off to great start already in this regard. Like most conventional IT managers I usually publish my open job positions on … Continue reading

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