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Dick Cheney Has Heart Implant Surgery Dick Cheney is recovering at the Inova Fairfax Hospital in Fall’s Church Virginia, after enduring a marathon eight hour surgical procedure to have a heart implanted into his cold and empty metallic chest. Doctors have been positive about Cheney’s … Continue reading

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Stew-it Little Researchers in the US have been studying the role of a specific gene, Bdnf, in obese mice. It is thought that the gene is responsible in allowing the brain to make that important decision of when to stop eating … Continue reading

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Elderly Forget Why They Were Outside Apple Store

In scenes reminiscent of the iPhone 5 launch that never was, millions of technology fans have been left disappointed once again after Apple, during it’s much anticipated press conference, failed to announce a new iPad but instead unveiled a cheap … Continue reading

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Just Face It Ape. This Post Will Not Get Finished.

Japanese researchers today held their eighth straight press conference in as many days to talk about some stupid speech silencing gun called the “SpeechJammer”. Attendees from around the world endured hour after hour of monotonous self trumpet blowing on this … Continue reading

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