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Panic After Murdoch Gets Wet And Is Fed After Midnight News Corporation chief, Rupert Murdoch, made a dramatic announcement last night by unveiling plans to split the existing media giant into two smaller businesses each with their own specific focus. Rumors had been circulating in the business community for … Continue reading

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The Mexican Can, ‘Cos They Sprinkle Them With Bullets… Mexican police are going to review their “Photo Shoot First, Ask Questions Later” policy, introduced in 1997 and targeted directly at drug cartels, after an embarrassing and highly public case of mistaken identity. Mexican officials paraded the supposed Juaquin … Continue reading

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Sit Tight Folks. It’s About To Get Saucy! Video gaming legislation has finally been passed in Australia allowing for games to be given an R-18 rating. Up until now video games could only receive a maximum rating of MA-15 which meant that many games aimed at a … Continue reading

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It’s Systematic, It’s Hydromatic, Why It’s Greece RightWing Greek far right party, Golden Dawn, has managed to hold on to most of it’s vote in the Greek elections despite it’s recent disastrous foray into public television. Even after a party member assaulted a number of people whilst … Continue reading

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Forest Chump The mystery of the unidentified German forest boy has been finally been solved. After his image was posted online by German authorities, a woman came forward claiming that she had recognized the mysterious youth and knew his real identity. … Continue reading

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Ohh Bama! I’ll have what the President’s having. President Obama’s Inaugural Speech PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Thank you. Thank you. CROWD: Ooh bama! Ooh bama! Ooh bama! Ooh bama! (girl in crowd winks revealing the words “love you” written on her eyelids) PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: My fellow citizens: … Continue reading

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Ape Celebrates One Year On WordPress

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you, You blog like a monkey And you spell like one too A year of WordPress blogging has helped me mature in ways so subtle that to the untrained eye it would appear … Continue reading

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Pope Ain’t No Gold Digga’ Pope Benedict has received thunderous applause from a gathering of 350,000 devout followers after making a revolutionary suggestion that families from wealthy nations could sponsor families from poor nations. The idea was considered revolutionary, with many world leaders of … Continue reading

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