Ohh Bama! I’ll have what the President’s having.


President Obama’s Inaugural Speech

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Thank you. Thank you.

CROWD: Ooh bama! Ooh bama! Ooh bama! Ooh bama!

(girl in crowd winks revealing the words “love you” written on her eyelids)

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: My fellow citizens: I stand here today (gestures towards trousers and winks) humbled by the task before us, grateful for the trust you have bestowed (gestures to trousers again), mindful of the sacrifices borne by our ancestors.

I thank President Bush (smirks) for his service (makes crude gesture with hands) to our nation…


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: … as well as the generosity and cooperation he has shown throughout this transition.

Forty-four Americans have now taken (thrusts his hips backwards and forwards) the presidential oath.

yes, Yes, YES WE CAN!!

——————– POST INTERRUPTED ——————–

WordPress would like to inform Ape’s readers that this post has been forcibly halted due to a violation of the amount of allowed innuendo in a single publication.

Alright, Ape, put down the iPad and come out with your furry mitts up! Don’t you dare touch that publish button! Ape no!!



About Ape No. 1

This famous lowland gorilla was born on July 4, 1971, in San Francisco. He was a gorilla who mastered over 2,000 words in American Blog Language, allowing him to communicate with humans in an astounding way. Some people felt that he was simply making blogs without understanding their real meanings, in order to receive treats and rewards from his readers.
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11 Responses to Ohh Bama! I’ll have what the President’s having.

  1. clownonfire says:

    Now where’s your piece on Canadian “politics”?
    Le Clown

    • Ape No. 1 says:

      If Canadian “politics” is anything like Australian “politics” then I believe I have already covered this topic for our Westminster-style Commonwealth nations with my piece on the Diamond Jubilee a couple of weeks ago. I am sure we share similar levels of affection for our great Monarchs.

      • clownonfire says:

        Australia is an old penal colony. We’re descendants of whores and miscreants. World’s apart.
        Le Clown

      • Ape No. 1 says:

        Haha! In keeping with the theme of the post … “penal colony” (snigger)

      • HoaiPhai says:

        Clown, with all due respect, you’re semi-informed. Not only are we Canadians the descendants of whores and miscreants (a proud tradition that lives on today… just check out the area around the corner of St. Catherines and St. Laurent on any given Friday night or MPs, MPPs, and MNAs during election campaigns), but from 1718 to 1776 Britain also sent convicts to Canada under the Piracy Act 1717, and some convicts were sent to Australia from Canada (both ones that broke the law in England and in Canada).

        You and I are Quebecers and share a few more things with Australians that the generic Canadian doesn’t to the same degree, like hanging around tropical beaches (for us in the form of Fort Lauderdale), driving on the wrong side of the road, and poutine (the Australians make it with Vegemite).

        For more info, see my Australia Day post at http://hoaiphai.wordpress.com/2012/01/25/happy-australia-day/

      • Ape No. 1 says:

        Given the recent case where one of our major ISP’s essentially told the music and film industry to go away and stop bothering us with this daft music and film piracy nonsense, it makes sense for Canadians convicted under the piracy act to be sent to Australia.

        Rrr me Quebecan mateys! Hoist the mainsail, weigh the anchor, upload that copy of Three Men and a Baby.

  2. A fine post cruelly stopped by the powers that be. Please post some more!

  3. Yeah! More, Ape, more!
    Although I might be seeing that photo of Meg Ryan in my nightmares tonight.

    • Ape No. 1 says:

      Oh that is a shame about the nightmares. That image, tentatively titled Twisted Sister, was part of an idea I had to release an erotic coffee table book featuring American presidents in various cheeky situations. Hopefully next months picture, simply titled Babe Lincoln, might garner a different response. Watch out for the full collection later this year in the final publication “Fifty States Of Grey”.

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