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Two Romneys Make A Right The Romney team has responded strongly to the most recent polls showing Obama slightly ahead in the presidential race by shifting into top gear and making some last minute changes to their current campaign. In a move welcomed … Continue reading

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This Post Does Not Mention The Olympics … Much Government officials from Namibia, considered one of the driest countries in Africa, are celebrating the discovery of a large ancient underground water reservoir. Namibia currently sources much of it's water from remote water supplies delivered by canal but this … Continue reading

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It’s All Fun And Games … Until Someone Makes A Buck British border control have siezed a large illegal shipment of counterfeit Olympic merchandise consisting of various flag and bunting designs. In total there was approximately 800kg worth of illegal goods thought to have been worth in excess of £100,000 … Continue reading

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Fossil Fuel Generation Is Sleeping With The Fishes Italian authorities have raided and seized a Mafia owned wind farm after government officials were alerted to a number of irregular activites by the fictitious shell company that the wind farm had been operating under. The wind facility was … Continue reading

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Ah, Babe, Let’s Get It Un, Whoo-ooh-ooh… North Korean television audiences responded favorably last night to the much anticipated finale of their hit reality show “The Bachelor – Glorious Leader Edition“. Ratings for the show indicated that 100% of citizens nationwide were glued to their … Continue reading

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Is That A Mars Probe In Your Pocket? NASA scientists in front of a packed press gallery have released a spectacular panoramic view of the Mars surface showing off the expansive desert like landscape of the red planet as never seen before. The panorama, composed of many … Continue reading

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