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Ryan, Tiger, And Bogies! Oh My!

Ape is going August crazy and giving you folks two posts for the price of one. Bargain you may say … or perhaps another way of looking at it is that Ape can not be bothered to produce two distinct … Continue reading

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Will Assange Be Evicted From The UK Big Brother House? The world is awaiting the reappearance of Julian Assange who has not been seen for almost two months since he first entered the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK seeking political asylum. The Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa, announced that his … Continue reading

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In Which Poo Invents A New Gates The sports community is in shock with a second London 2012 athlete being stripped of their gold medals after testing positive for a banned substance. Belarusian shot putter, Nadzeya Ostapchuk, was the first of the athlete's to be … Continue reading

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Wikipedia Company Unicorn Mascot Stolen By Elvis Wikipedia's vision of a free online wealth of knowledge is under threat due to a shortage of volunteers to maintain it's expansive collection of articles. Wikipedia is supported by the not-for-profit organization Wikimedia, which according to it's Wikipedia article … Continue reading

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