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Oops There Goes Another Rubber Suit Man… Designers of an advanced wetsuit that is invisible to sharks will need to go back to the drawing board after it's first live field test with human subjects went horribly wrong. The suit, which incorporates concepts derived from years … Continue reading

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This Post Is All Scientific Smarts And Sh%t

The scientific community has been buzzing with excitement after local Mexican woman, Rosa Delucia, made an amazing discovery whilst performing the simple domestic task of preparing dinner for her family. The mother of five was peeling and cutting up potatoes … Continue reading

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Ape Prays For A Blogging Idea Miracle. God Responds The Vatican is scrambling to fast track canonisation for Pope John Paul II as stunning evidence of two previously unknown miracles have surfaced. Amateur footage emerged a few months ago, but a select group of scientists in Rome have … Continue reading

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