Who’s A Cute Little Communist World Leader…


The impacts of the US government shutdown have started to hit home with museums, national monuments, and zoos closing to the general public as a result of the stalemate within Congress. As people around the world are starting to come to grips with the implications of the shutdown President Obama has had to make the heart breaking announcement that the NSA run Xi Jinping cam website will be taken offline until the current crisis comes to an end. The popular online streaming video site allowed visitors the joy of observing the lovable Chinese leader in his natural habit 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

President Obama struggled to maintain his emotions as he broke the sad news that the popular NSA run Xi Jinping cam will be taken offline until further notice.

Visitors worldwide had been following the life of the playful and mischievous Chinese politician from his adorable first adventures in the Communist Youth League all the way through to his current position as President. The precocious little guy even had a twitter account that visitors could leave messages on which his handlers would monitor and respond to with humorous comments accompanied usually by a cute picture. The following is an example of some of the hilarious activity from his twitter account @TheRealJinping.

We must uphold the fighting of tigers and flies at the same time, resolutely investigating law-breaking cases of leading officials and also earnestly resolving the unhealthy tendencies and corruption problems which happen all around people. LOL!! by @TheRealJinping

Dissapointed visitors will need to wait until the shutdown finally lifts to be able to continue following the antics of the huggable Xi Jinping and hopefully, for his many loyal followers, nothing too exciting happens to the little fellow during this time.



About Ape No. 1

This famous lowland gorilla was born on July 4, 1971, in San Francisco. He was a gorilla who mastered over 2,000 words in American Blog Language, allowing him to communicate with humans in an astounding way. Some people felt that he was simply making blogs without understanding their real meanings, in order to receive treats and rewards from his readers.
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9 Responses to Who’s A Cute Little Communist World Leader…

  1. I never got around to joining my colleagues in watching PandaCam, but ever since the news broke that it would black out, I’ve been in Panda withdrawal. I’m sad.

    • Ape No. 1 says:

      The Panda cam issue itself almost became this post. Given a web cam takes very little if anything to run once setup I was wondering if the reason for the shutdown of the service was either the Pandas take a salary and are now all furloughed or the web cam was a major production with the likes of a Spielberg and his full film crew behind the cameras.

  2. Shame – of all the impish Reds running China Comrade Jinping was my favourite – oh well – have to watch the Stallone boxset tonight.

  3. I recently stumbled upon your blog, and must tell you how interesting you, and your articles are. Looking forward to befriending with you. 🙂 http://funnytimez.wordpress.com/

  4. HoaiPhai says:

    Xi Jinping (which is just lovely with the black bean sauce) really should have regular donation appeals, just like they do on PBS [the Panda Broadcast System].

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