Let’s Play The Combine Two Unrelated Articles Game



Surgeons have successfully removed a large parasite that had made it's way into a young British woman and had resided within her nearly completely unnoticed for numerous months. The parasite is from a well known European strand of parasite which is renowned for being able to survive on the resources of the host and many of those who may or may not even have direct physical contact with the host. The procedure was hailed a success but doctors were quick to point out that this type of parasite continues to thrive outside of the host able to feed off others resources and were a particularly difficult species to manage.

The moment when doctors were able to finally extract the parasite from the hapless young women.

The lead surgeon made the following official statement after the challenging and perilous 12 hour operation.

“We are relieved to say that we have been able to remove this organism from the young patient but stress to the wider public that this type of parasite has existed for centuries and unless concerted efforts are made by all of us to not keep feeding them they will continue to be a persistent nuisance amongst us.”

Doctors have recaptured a parasite removed from another British woman decades ago highlighting the strand's ability to continue to endure even when removed from the original host.

British biologist Dr ….

“Blah, blah, blah, yawn. Alright, Ape! We get it. You don't like the royals. Can't you let it go finally? What?! No, you can not also mention the new robot that has an expression of permanent indifference with scissors for hands that will be used to replace royals.”



About Ape No. 1

This famous lowland gorilla was born on July 4, 1971, in San Francisco. He was a gorilla who mastered over 2,000 words in American Blog Language, allowing him to communicate with humans in an astounding way. Some people felt that he was simply making blogs without understanding their real meanings, in order to receive treats and rewards from his readers.
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3 Responses to Let’s Play The Combine Two Unrelated Articles Game

  1. HoaiPhai says:

    Doesn’t “Chubby George” sound like what a London East-ender would call his wee-wee?

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