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Murdoch’s Lost iPhone Woes Halt Hacking Inquiry The inquiry into the News Corporation hacking allegations has taken a dramatic and upsetting turn as early into the proceedings a distraught and teary eyed Rupert Murdoch was given a compassionate break to allow him to look for his … Continue reading

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Obama Reinstates NASA Shuttle Breeding Program Barack Obama has brought back hope to the scientific community by announcing a funding plan that will see the NASA shuttle breeding program reinstated signaling a revival of US space exploration. After spending the last few years alone in … Continue reading

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Kim Yong Un Speaks In Public … Mostly Shouts In Private

For the handful of you who have been waiting with bated breath for the next installment of the Simian Monologues your wait is over. As usual my other life has taken over for a little while and this blog, and … Continue reading

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