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Let’s Play The Combine Two Unrelated Articles Game Surgeons have successfully removed a large parasite that had made it's way into a young British woman and had resided within her nearly completely unnoticed for numerous months. The parasite is from a well known European strand of … Continue reading

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Read This Post In That Movie Trailer Guy Voice Duncan “Jong” Pinderhughes is a high school genius with a 4.0 grade point average but this proves not enough for admission to the prestigious Malaysian HELP University unless he can also pass physical education. Ex convict Michal “Rodman” Brown … Continue reading

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Camera Adds Ten Glorious Pounds … And Bad Haircut North Korean authorities have had to make an awkward apology to the US government after discovering a rogue weather reporter on a local cable network had been recording and sending footage of himself purporting to be the glorious leader … Continue reading

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Ape’s Ain’t Got No Time For A Good Post …

… but a shitty post is a different story altogether. Ape's little man ape turned 11 this week which has distracted old Ape from his blog but here is what I visualise in my head every time I read about … Continue reading

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Who’s A Cute Little Communist World Leader… The impacts of the US government shutdown have started to hit home with museums, national monuments, and zoos closing to the general public as a result of the stalemate within Congress. As people around the world are starting to … Continue reading

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